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Got an idea that will change your business for the better? Perhaps you have the next "killer app" kicking around in your cranium and it is just dying to come out? Call us, tell us about it, and we will help you make it happen!

Business & Robotic Process Automation (BPA/RPA)

We hear about robots in factories, in warehouses, and other places of business. But what about in back office environments? The newest buzzword is "RPA", also known as "Robotic Process Automation". Todd's IT can show you how to use RPA to automate time consuming, menial tasks using tools like open-source Selenium or HelpSystems "Automate" program to lift the load of report generation, data entry, data collection or formatting - just about anything a data entry clerk or office personnel do every day or week can now be done by a software "robot". Todd's IT can create RPA tasks for your company that will increase productivity and make your work force more efficient. Contact us so we can tell you how!


HVAC Contractors - looking for an inexpensive, full featured dealer website? We have it! myHVACWeb is the solution. Todd's I.T. has launched a new, full featured search engine optimized, mobile device friendly (aka, "responsive designed") HVAC Contractor website that costs only $600 per year! Get a great ROI, and watch your website pay for itself! Goto http:\\ for more info.


  • Domain Name with a matching email address. It includes three inboxes sharing up to 3 Gigabytes of email storage.
  • Get set up and running in about five minutes with our "Quick Site Generator"!
  • HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing related artwork, including all ICP brand logos, model families, and other related images.
  • Responsive designed, and completely customizable! Add an unlimited number of pages, change the layout, upload your own pictures, add certifications, create a job image gallery, and more with our Content Management System.
  • Blogging made easy - create blog posts on your HVAC site which can be easily shared by your customers on all major social networks. With our RSS feed, you can even automatically cross post your blog posts to social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • FREE Web and Graphics Design Support** - we can build or help build your new HVAC related web site at no additional cost to you.

Business Intelligence and Forecasting

Data is the life blood of any service organization these days. The important thing to remember is that the data you have now: sales records by customer or salesperson, inventory levels, weather information, fuel and maintenance records - virutally any activity records that come from operating your business can be examined and used to discover correlations, causes of problems, and even make forecasts!

Administrative Services

Todd’s I.T. provides important administration services to our top clients. We can handle customer service/helpdesk tasks, as well as the daily operation of corporate programs. Just give us the guidelines, and we will use our talented staff to admin your company’s program, freeing up vital resources to focus on the task of doing business. Our staff is currently in charge of the daily operations of marketing fund co-op and supplemental retirement programs that are worth nearly $100 Million in value to our clients. Our staff is specially trained to handle these types of programs, and best of all, they do it here in the United States.

Intranet, Extranet, Portal Development, Web Site Development and e-Commerce Solutions

Todd’s I.T. has been in the practice of designing, developing, hosting, and maintaining web sites of various types since our inception as a corporate entity. However, our staff of graphic artists and programmers have decades of combined experience doing that very same thing. We specialize in all manner and type of web sites, including complicated e-Commerce sites, on-line learning systems, and dealer retention and recruitment sites.

Information Collection, Distribution, and Management

Data is King in this post-modern, technology driven world, and our clients know it. The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Data drives business these days, and we know it. Our staff is fully versed in data collection techniques, including web crawling, “page scraping” (collecting data from reports and documents that are not in on-line or electronic formats), flat file processing, and more sophisticated, secure EDI methods. We also specialize in “Big Data”: analysis of data via Business Intelligence methodologies. Large companies, like Carrier Corporation, depend on us to house, maintain, and generate the hundreds of on-line reports spreadsheets they consume daily.

Mobile Application Solutions

In the mobile application arena, we offer our clients a unique approach to the development and launch of their mobile apps: our proprietary “Framework” mobile app design allows us utilize HTML5 and responsive design capabilities for both Android and iOS platforms at the same time. That means our clients do not pay one price for Android apps, and another price for iOS – our cost structure and development paradigm produce the same app, for both platforms, for the same low price. We have 25 mobile apps in production at the time of this writing, available within Google Play Store, Apple iTunes App Store, and through private distribution.

Customized Software Solutions

Todd’s I.T. has always served our clients best with customized software solutions for the web, desktop, and most recently, mobile devices. Our on-line solutions have enabled companies like Carrier, ICP, Alternative Concepts, and a variety of others to reach out to all customer types with fast, cost efficient web sites, portals, and reporting sites. We also provide customized desktop applications for Windows® computers. We also write “middleware”, which is software meant to connect disparate systems together so that they can communicate. That form of integration can help your office run smoother, and more efficiently.

3D Printing, Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT)

We play with some of the latest adaptations of technology regularly. Robots powered by embedded electronics, 3-D printing for prototype development, and Machine Learning are all part of our interests. You would be surprised what we can do for you!

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