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Has your organization looked into Robotic Process Automation? Does eliminating double keying of data, automation of reports, handling inputs from one system into another automatically, increased efficiency, and expanded revenue while leveraging your current technology investment sound good to you?
We can help - contact us today to learn more about RPA in the workplace, and see our featured use case below.

 What We Do

Todd’s IT is a full service Information Technology (I.T.) consulting and technology solution provider. From corporate websites to mobile apps, Business Process Automation to specialized intranet portals, and lots of things in-between, we have or can do it all. Here are some of our latest projects, products, and services:

Three low-cost HVAC dealer web site packages: myHVACWeb

HVAC Contractors - looking for an inexpensive, full featured dealer website? We have it! myHVACWeb is the solution. Todd's I.T. has launched a new, full featured search engine optimized, mobile device friendly (aka, "responsive designed") HVAC Contractor website that costs from $299 to $600 per year! Get a great ROI, and watch your website pay for itself! Goto http:\\ for more info.


  • Domain Name
  • Free Call Measurement Phone Number Included! (not in "Light" package)
  • SEO and on-going SEO analysis
  • Our AutoPilot package features 70 combinations of templates, colors, and styles!
  • Get set up and running in about five minutes> with our "Quick Site Generator"!
  • HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing related artwor>, including all ICP brand logos, model families, and other related images.
  • Responsive designed, and completely customizable!> Add an unlimited number of pages, change the layout, upload your own pictures, add certifications, create a job image gallery, and more with our Content Management System.
  • Blogging made easy - create blog posts on your HVAC site which can be easily shared by your customers on all major social networks. With our RSS feed, you can even automatically cross post your blog posts to social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • FREE Web and Graphics Design Support - we can build or help build your new HVAC related web site at no additional cost to you.

Featured RPA Use Case: German-Bliss Equipment - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Action!

We hear about robots in factories, in warehouses, and other places of business. But what about in back office environments? German-Bliss Equipment Company, in Princeville, IL, is one of the largest on-line retailers of power and agricultural equipment parts in the U.S. of A. With over 1.3 million parts, it can be difficult to manage all of those products. The real challenge is adding new models and the associated parts assemblies for them, since most manufacturers may only provide PDF documents with the parts images and tables. Typically it takes three to four data entry clerks about a month to go through the PDFs, copy the assembly images, and reproduce the parts table for each part assembly. Todd's IT created an RPA platform called the "Parts Import Parser", or "PIP". PIP can do the work of three data entry clerks by doing what they did, using the Selenium open-source RPA platform - but instead of taking a month, PIP does it in just a few days time with the help of only one person now. German Bliss can add thousands of new parts in less than a week, and that saves them a lot of money as well.
If your organization has data entry clerks rekeying data from paper or one system into another system, then you need to talk to us. We can fix that problem, and make your staff much more productive!

Portals: Customer, Sales, and Internally Facing Websites

How do our customers interact with you? Do you have customer or internal facing portals? Maybe it is time to think about investing in one.
The folks at Todd's IT have been building portals for as long as the Internet has been around. We even like to think we coined the word "Extranet" back in 1999. An Extranet is a password protected website that customers can log into, view reports, place orders, and request support. Extranet was derived from the popular term "Intranet" used in the late 90's and early 2000's. Over the years, Todd's IT has built lots of portals for a variety of different applications and needs. Some of the portals we have built help add revenue to our client's bottom lines, while others are for managing sales, client, and internal needs.
Intranets are the same as Extranets, only they are internally facing websites for employees to use. In the past, our "iConnect" Intranet offering provided an "out-of-the-box" experience that included uploading pictures, keeping track of sales opportunities, email and texting communications, making company announcements, and lots of other business features. But we soon found out that many companies needed iConnect modified for their individual needs. So we now we create fully customized portals with reporting, Web APIs, dashboards, etc. If you can tell us what you need, we can put it together at a lower price point than most U.S. based development houses charge. Contact us today to find out more!

Business Intelligence and Forecasting

Did you know that your business can predict, with great accuracy, sales, web site visits, and more? We can show you how by using techniques like K-NN time-series algorithms and machine learning.
Hospitals, insurance companies, pollsters, and stock brokers, just to name a few, use these same techniques (and others) to classify and analyze data to make predictions. For example, machine learning techniques such as K-Nearest Neighbor allow computers to look at slides of blood or tissue samples to determine if a patient has cancer with a very high degree of accuracy. In one case, Todd's IT created a time series analysis to predict future monthly website visits for one client. The possibilities are endless - contact us for more information!

Using Tech to Feed People

Technology is AWESOME. It can do a LOT of good things to help people. Todd's IT has joined the OCPR Group at Bradley University to help relieve food insecurity in our fair city through the use of technology. The OCPR Group is a student led organization that has worked with the City of Peoria, IL to bring together the dozens of food pantries, food banks, and other food distributors in our community in order to form a strong network to help illuminate nutritious food sources. Using data the OCPR Group compiled, we put together an interactive map that allows those who are looking for assistance an easy-to-use way of discovering nearby sources of wholesome, affordable food. The map details the requirements, hours, contact names, emails, and phone numbers of those facilities, as well as the driving time to them if used by a smart phone.
The underlying technology is Google Maps. To see the map, please go to and click on the "Food Pantry and Food Banks GIS Map/Locations Near You" link under "Food Bank Locations and Contacts". Or go directly to the map at
Technology is cool. It can do a lot of good. We are thankful to God that we are a part of this important project! And we are glad that civic minded people, like the operators of the many churches and community outreach centers, and the students of the OCPR Group at Bradley University, took the initiative to pull these resources together.


Income Extension Program Support

Todd's I.T. administers the Carrier® and Bryant® Income Extension programs. The Income Extension Program can supplement retirement income you may receive from Social Security, private savings, IRA's, pension plans, or other benefit programs. Do you have questions relating to the program? If so, call (866) 494-4669 to reach the Income Extension Administrator for either the Carrier® or Bryant® programs.

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Income Extension Participants: Call 866-494-4669 for assistance.