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Got an idea that will change your business for the better? Perhaps you have the next "killer app" kicking around in your cranium and it is just dying to come out? Call us, tell us about it, and we will help you make it happen!

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Todd’s I.T. hosts and maintains hundreds of web sites for our clients. For one customer alone, we host and maintain 41 web sites, 10 databases, numerous FTP sites, and over 100 reports. Our clients trust us to maintain high availability of their web sites and accompanying database servers, since those are the portals and engines of commerce for all of them. We have two Network Operation Centers (NOC) in the United States. Together, these two NOC locations represent the physicality of our highly available, redundant hosting solutions.

Administrative Services

Todd’s I.T. provides important administration services to our top clients. We can handle customer service/helpdesk tasks, as well as the daily operation of corporate programs. Just give us the guidelines, and we will use our talented staff to admin your company’s program, freeing up vital resources to focus on the task of doing business. Our staff is currently in charge of the daily operations of marketing fund co-op and supplemental retirement programs that are worth nearly $100 Million in value to our clients. Our staff is specially trained to handle these types of programs, and best of all, they do it here in the United States.

Web Site Development and e-Commerce Solutions

Todd’s I.T. has been in the practice of designing, developing, hosting, and maintaining web sites of various types since our inception as a corporate entity. However, our staff of graphic artists and programmers have decades of combined experience doing that very same thing. We specialize in all manner and type of web sites, including complicated e-Commerce sites, on-line learning systems, and dealer retention and recruitment sites.

Information Collection, Distribution, and Management

Data is King in this post-modern, technology driven world, and our clients know it. The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Data drives business these days, and we know it. Our staff is fully versed in data collection techniques, including web crawling, “page scraping” (collecting data from reports and documents that are not in on-line or electronic formats), flat file processing, and more sophisticated, secure EDI methods. We also specialize in “Big Data”: analysis of data via Business Intelligence methodologies. Large companies, like Carrier Corporation, depend on us to house, maintain, and generate the hundreds of on-line reports spreadsheets they consume daily.

Mobile Application Solutions

In the mobile application arena, we offer our clients a unique approach to the development and launch of their mobile apps: our proprietary “Framework” mobile app design allows us utilize HTML5 and responsive design capabilities for both Android and iOS platforms at the same time. That means our clients do not pay one price for Android apps, and another price for iOS – our cost structure and development paradigm produce the same app, for both platforms, for the same low price. We have 25 mobile apps in production at the time of this writing, available within Google Play Store, Apple iTunes App Store, and through private distribution.

Customized Software Solutions

Todd’s I.T. has always served our clients best with customized software solutions for the web, desktop, and most recently, mobile devices. Our on-line solutions have enabled companies like Carrier, ICP, Alternative Concepts, and a variety of others to reach out to all customer types with fast, cost efficient web sites, portals, and reporting sites. We also provide customized desktop applications for Windows® computers. We also write “middleware”, which is software meant to connect disparate systems together so that they can communicate. That form of integration can help your office run smoother, and more efficiently.

3D Printing, Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT)

We are very interested in keeping up with the latest adaptions of technology in the I.T. world. Todd’s I.T. has developed our first Telepresence Device prototype named the TD100. A Telepresence Device is a remotely controlled robotic platform that is used in corporate, hospital, and manufacturing environments. Its main purpose is to provide remote users with the ability to be in the aforementioned environments by virtual proxy – in others, their face appears on a screen attached to the robot, and they can drive it around the environment it is in to attend meetings, give presentations, visit patients, give tours in manufacturing environments, etc. Powered by embedded electronics, and utilizing the latest in IoT technology, we believe the uses of the TD100 will be far ranging. The TD100 is currently in development and testing. We expect to make a formal announcement in the first quarter of 2016.

In addition to the robotics platform, we offer 3D printing for prototype development. We can print nearly any object you can design or think of.

We offer a wide range of capabilities to enable your company to achieve its objectives. All that is needed in an idea, and we will sit down and napkin sketch it out with you. We are sure our knowledge and abilities will be enough to move your ideas from concept to reality, without breaking the bank. We do it every day, for all of our customers.
We would like to do it for you.

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