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How Can We Help You Today?
Got an idea that will change your business for the better? Perhaps you have the next "killer app" kicking around in your cranium and it is just dying to come out? Call us, tell us about it, and we will help you make it happen!

"MITS" - Managed I.T. Services. Get out of the I.T. business, and focus on growing your company! Todd's IT is a trusted partner with all of our Clients. We manage our Client's web sites, databases, backup and storage needs, as well as web site maintenance and new on-line and mobile development. Our prices are very competitive, and allow our Clients to budgtet their I.T. dollars carefully. Contact us to find out more!



"iMap" - Upload your customer, sales or demographic information and view it graphically - on a map! iMap can also help you track your company vehicles and more. More Info...


"EZData" - scan in UPC labels to track purchases by customer, keep up-to-date inventory - expandable to interface with most accounting and POS systems such as Quicken, Eclipse and Prophet 21.More Info...

 Todd's IT is a full service Managed Services and IT Consulting firm with one major purpose in mind - to help you use technology to boost productivity, increase profits, or set your new idea running off in the right direction. You explain the concept, and we help you get it done. All at a reasonable price. That is what we do.

We are here to help YOU!

Get $200 for $50!
Our "Smart Customer" program is turning the IT Consulting world upside down! Find out how to turn $50/month into something worth $200/month!
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Visualize your customers & Data!
Have you ever wanted to see what a map would look like with all of your customers on it?
Todd's IT can make it happen. Ever wanted to use your smart phone to look up a part, retrieve a technical document or send an invoice?
We can do all of that and more. Contact us for more info...

Hosting Plans!
TODD'S IT offers customized hosting plans. Our "Hosting Plus" package customizes to your company's needs, and provides built in redundancy with automatic failover from your main site to a secondary site whenever a problem occurs.
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